The Hiramatsu Kyoto is set in a converted 120-year-old Kyoto machiya on Muromachi-dori,
breathing new life into this historic dwelling.
Enjoy a gastronomic experience unique to the Kyoto area in Ristorante La Luce’s spacious dining room.


Exquisite Italian cuisine
in a beautiful Kyoto machiya

Beyond the hotel’s lounge is the dining room of Ristorante La Luce, with its high ceiling and impressive exposed beams. This unique space, combining contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship honed by the demanding aesthetic standards of Kyoto, is an important source of inspiration for Head Chef Takaumi Tsutsui as he uses the finest local ingredients to create exquisite and authentic Italian cuisine that appeals to all five senses. We put heart and soul into our hospitality, aiming to make your experience of Ristorante La Luce a treasured memory.


Inspired by a beautiful space and
the finest local ingredients

This historic space, converted from a 120-year-old machiya townhouse, embodies the finest Kyoto craftsmanship, handed down from generation to generation, and the décor makes extensive use of earth and lime plaster, as well as timber. Head Chef Tsutsui’s first reaction on seeing it was, “I can’t ignore this space when cooking. I am creating Italian cuisine, but I want my dishes to express Japanese culture too.” This feeling was the origin of his antipasti misti, in the style of the hassun seasonal platter from kaiseki cuisine. It can also be seen in his choice of tableware, and in his use of the finest ingredients available on the day to create dishes that reflect the changing seasons of Kyoto.



Besides Italian restaurants such as Ristorante Aso, Takaumi Tsutsui trained at French restaurants such as Restaurant Hiramatsu Kodaiji, and was appointed Head Chef at Ristorante La Luce when The Hiramatsu Kyoto opened. He believes passionately in using unique local ingredients, including traditional Kyoto vegetables, and works in the kitchen every day.

Ristorante la Luce

361 Ennogyoja-cho Muromachi-dori Sanjo-Agaru Nakagyo-ku Kyoto MAP

DINNER- 17:30~21:00(19:00 L.O.)

CLOSE- Open Everyday